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Helpful Hints for Ticks and Fleas

Ticks and fleas are responsible for a wide variety of illnesses and disorders occurring in pets and the common flea is the number one health problem which plagues pets. Chewing and scratching are the common signs of a flea infection, which is  caused when a pet is bitten by a flea. The infection develops and can continue well after the fleas are long gone. Fleas are also disease carriers and can threaten the pets overall health and wellness. Continue reading

Frontline For Puppies

You have a new puppy in your home and with any new pet you want the best for them. Along with puppies come fleas and ticks. There are several options for flea and tick control. The store-bought product is an option but for your puppy most vets recommend Frontline For Puppies. Continue reading

Frontline Plus Discount

Learn how to get the biggest discount, up to 50%, on Frontline Plus. Frontline plus is the top rated flea and tick killing medication for your cats and dogs. Continue reading