Why Frontline Plus for Dogs is the Best?

Animal lovers usually choose dogs as their pet because they are loyal to their master and dogs are good servants. That is the reason why we care for them so much as we care for our family. Most dogs are playful and if there’s a chance they like playing with their dogs.  Eventually, they tend to acquire common diseases like fleas and ticks. This type of disease is very common to furry animals like dogs. Fleas and ticks are pests that if not controlled immediately your dog will be in trouble and become miserable. Maybe you will be disturbed much if you discover the fact that your pet dog is infested by these pests. You would rush to veterinary shops to find a solution possibly a medicine to get rid of those fleas and ticks. Frontline Plus is the most recommended products for controlling this kind of disease. It is best recommended by the expert because of its 100% effectiveness.

Research proves that Frontline Plus products are truly effective. Numbers of users comment that Frontline Plus for dogs had been proven as the most effective medication for fleas and ticks. It is because of its active ingredient Fipronil and S-Methoprene.  The manufacturer Merial develops this formula because of their advocacy to help pet owners in caring their pets.

Fipronil acts as an insecticide that has wide range effect targeting gradually the central nervous system of adult fleas and ticks. S- Methoprene working as a growth regulator that controls the development of eggs into larvae and become adult fleas and ticks. The combination of these two components has made Frontline Plus 100% effective. It exterminates totally the pests and restrains them from coming back.

Frontline Plus for dogs comes in 4 variants, Orange, Blue, Purple and Red package label. The effectiveness of these products varies depending on the weight category of your dog.
·         Orange is suitable for dogs weighing 0-22 pounds.
·         Blue is for dogs weighing 23-44 pounds.
·         Purple is best for dogs weighing 45-88 pounds.
·         Red is for heavier dogs weighing 89-132 pounds.

To achieve the effectiveness of Frontline Plus apply the correct dosage for your dogs’ category. For example, if your dog is under the category of 23-44 pounds you should purchase the Frontline Plus in blue label because it’s the correct dosage for your dog. Follow the guidelines accordingly to ensure 100% effectiveness of the medication.

Compare to other products in the market, Frontline Plus is more popular and is recommended by most experts because it is safe to use and very easy to apply. Indeed, you just need to apply Frontline Plus once a month and because it is water proof, your dog can still enjoy taking a bath without worrying that the medication will be wash off. So why should you risk the health of your beloved pet  dogs in using products that is cheaper but less effective when Frontline Plus which its effectiveness is 100% guaranteed is always available in the market. It is also available in the online stores. Use Frontline Plus now and enjoy life with your pet together with your family.


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