Advantix vs Frontline

Does your dog suffer a never ending fleas and ticks? Worry no more for there’s a lot of sure dog products that can be relied upon on your problem.  The best way to actuate is to search in the web. Look for a product that could kill the fleas and ticks, repel and prevent the raising of dog pests. Or you can go to the market nearer you and read the label at the back of the product of what is better than the other.

There are a lot of products in the markets that you need to choose for your dogs’ health. There are so many options which can differ in cost, effects of application, on its quantity and more over on quality.

As an avid buyer of pests control for dogs, an owner should know the pros and cons as well as the difference of one product to another.

Heres a comparison of Advantix Vs Frontline Plus:

The k9 advantix vs frontline plus are the major brands of   both fleas and tick control and pests protection. Fleas and Ticks were disastrous for the dogs health it can caused other infections like lyme disease, dog anemia, and tape worms. These diseases can cause for the end of life of your dogs.

According to Advantix, fleas will be vanishing including the larvae within 24 hours while Frontline plus can kill fleas within 12 hours – 18 hours. Both Advantix and Frontline plus kills all the ticks after in 48 hours.

Advantix kills and repel mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. While Frontline plus kill fleas, ticks and lice. What the difference is that, after the dog was polished by Advantix it must be separated to the other animals. While Frontline plus is safe on pregnant breeding dogs.

Advantix and Frontline plus are both water proof which can stick to the oil glands of the dogs and when dogs has been applied to the said pests’ control it could still bathe but must avoid using a non detergent shampoo or soaps.

Advantix and Frontline were harmless to humans though it contained pesticides it is protocol to keep out of reach from children especially during the actual application. Advantix has a stronger content of pesticide than Frontline plus.

Both Advantix and Frontline Plus must be prescribed by a veterinarian because all dosage must be congruent to all dog’s BMI. Always be sure that the dog is two months older if not do not try it.

Advantix and Frontline plus has pesticide content so be responsible when using it.  When trying those products always observe the effects. The two products do not have the same strength so you can try if what brand does your dog can be applicable and the best that suits your dog. Owners must be observant and must have to choose the most effective product that could heal the problem of their dogs. Price tags are not enough to say that fits your dogs but look more on the products quality.


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