Frontline Plus For Dogs Review

Frontline plus for dogs is an Effective and Efficient remedy to rid our pet dogs from fleas and ticks at a reasonable cost and simplified means. This review of Frontline Plus for Dogs may surprise you.

Considering that a package of Frontline Plus for Dogs consists of 3 small packages, a dose of each package per month for 3 months is undoubtedly a fair deal with the fact that it is waterproof.

While other remedies may kill the fleas and ticks temporarily, the liquid formulation of the Frontline Plus for Dogs contains S-methoprene that completely terminates all fleas including its larvae and egg within 18 hours while ticks are terminated with 48 hours. It is highly important that our pet dogs are protected from these pests as certain ticks such as the deer tick, American dog tick and lone start tick are carriers of the bacteria that cause Lyme disease, tapeworm, leishmianaiasis and a lot more, that are not only dangerous to animals but to humans as well that if left unnoticed, can lead to severe health conditions. It would be advisable to apply it during the tick season and a month after to make sure every single pest is removed

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Application of the Frontline Plus for Dogs is for pets that are 8 weeks old or older to prevent the growth and/or eradicate the fleas and ticks as well as its larvae and eggs. Aside from penetrating and eradicating all fleas and ticks within 18 to 48 hours, each dose applied will and can protect your pet for the entire month leaving you worry free. If your pet is an avid swimmer, you need not worry because the Frontline Plus for Dogs is waterproof as well.

Frontline Plus for Dogs contains 2 effective substances for it to work efficiently:

  • Fipronil.  Fipronil works as a broad spectrum insecticide that poisons these pests completely, slowly attacking the central nervous system of the adult tick and flea.
  • S-Methoprene. Acting as a growth regulator, S-Methoprene eradicates every larvae and egg that may be hidden.

Basically, the most important substance here is the Fipronil as it does most of the killing of the adult ticks and fleas while the S-Methoprene helps contain the growth of the eggs to larvae and larvae to adults.

How to Apply Frontline Plus for Dogs

Frontline Plus for Dogs works best if you know where and how to apply it:

  • Apply the substance carefully protecting your hands with gloves, by placing the applicator tip onto your pet’s skin at a certain spot.
  • The substance spreads continuously onto the entire skin and hair through the hair follicles and even on sebaceous gland areas where the substance is stored and where fleas and ticks usually are found.

It is important that you are aware that all pets have their own body resistance or allergen so to some, they may have side effects while others won’t. In any cases, should you find any symptoms of side effects and doesn’t subside, it would be best to consult a veterinarian immediately.



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