Flea Collar vs Frontline Plus

Pet collars are important but flea collars or Frontline Plus for flea control will stir a debate. However, both means have one purpose and that is to protect our pets and prevent the growth and reproduction of fleas and ticks that will cause harm to our pets and to us as well. This article reviews the benefits of flea collars compared to Frontline Plus for dogs.

Flea Collars

Flea collars of different colors and designs are still an economical and useful way of eliminating fleas but there is a small fact to remember. If your pet already has a flea and tick problem it may be too late for flea collars. The Best flea collar is Preventic.

The flea collars are only effective before your pet have these unwanted pests. However these flea collars are very cheap especially if you are on a budget as they kill adult fleas. There are those who don’t appreciate the smell and texture of flea collars as the scent and oiliness of insecticide may rub onto your hand after petting your pet. Other pets have the tendencies to bite on their collar which has to be prevented. In any cases the insecticide may run onto your furniture, rags and may even accidentally rub onto your child. A fact to point out is that the collar will have all the substance to kill fleas and that collar remains on your dog’s neck for too long, this may cause an allergic reaction instead of the substance being spread out onto the entire body.

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Frontline Plus Flea Control

Frontline is the ultimate flea control for all pets, young and old, cats or dogs. Each Frontline Flea Control is available in different packages suitable for your pet’s size and weight. Frontline products eradicates fleas and ticks within just 12 hours of application while offering fast and efficient flea and tick prevention and control, moreover, it interrupts the life cycle of fleas to prevent future infestations of these pests. You don’t have to touch the insecticide to apply it onto your pet’s skin. Just by applying the Frontline product using an applicator onto the skin between the shoulder blades, the substance is stored in the oil glands of the skin, evenly spreading it onto hair follicles and the entire body gradually killing all pests on your pet. It is waterproof and one application a month is enough for that entire month. You won’t need to worry of insecticide being rubbed onto anything or anyone in your home as Frontline is already stored in your pet’s skin.

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So what to use, Flea Collar or Frontline for Flea Control?

The answer would be in your hands. You need to weigh your opinions with your pet’s safety and your family’s welfare as well. Cheaper but is it safer? Economical but is it advisable? To prevent flea and tick problems, or is it, to resolve flea and tick problems? Quick and effective, or, an everyday application?

We want our pets comfortable and safe, ensuring that they’re happy from fleas and ticks. Make the right choice for your pet.


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